How To Save A Chinatown

How To Save A Chinatown


Tour Leaders will be waving a large tote bag with the TCLT logo on it.


DATE : Saturday May 4, 2024

WALK START TIME : 11:00 a.m.

WALK END TIME : 12:30 p.m.

WALK START LOCATION : Cecil Community Centre (Cecil St and Spadina Ave)

WALK END LOCATION : Chinatown Centre, 222 Spadina (Sullivan St and Spadina Ave)


See West Chinatown through the lens of the newly established Toronto Chinatown Land Trust.

We will stop at sites that represent historical and current battlegrounds of anti-displacement.

You will learn about different generations of tactics that neighbourhood organizers and workers employed to ‘Save Chinatown’ along with histories of how this Chinatown came to be.

We will also tour the historical clan associations that have stewarded buildings through non-profit ownership, cooperative banking and mutual aid practices for over a hundred years.

Enjoy this galvanizing tour, which will be sprinkled with facilitated reflection prompts for participants, sitting breaks, printed photos and led by Chiyi Tam - urban planner & the managing director of the Toronto Chinatown Land Trust.

List of stops:

  • Cecil Community Centre
  • What used to be the Hsin Kuang Centre / Bright Pearl Restaurant
  • 315 Spadina construction site
  • The Wong Clan Association
  • Huron Square
  • Jean Lumb Lane
  • Cambodian Association House
  • Chinatown Centre

LANGUAGE : English


  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Arts and Culture
  • History and Places
  • Lived experiences and personal perspectives
  • People and Communities


  • Stairs or other barriers
  • Fast-paced walk
  • Breaks encouraged
  • Busy sidewalks
  • Indoor stops
  • Walk leader will use audio amplification