Chinatown, Yesterday and Tomorrow

Chinatown, Yesterday and Tomorrow

WALK LEADERS : Arlene Chan, Harvey Low, Jill Carter, Jon Johnson, Emma Doedens, Patricia Cho, Ran Chen.

Meet at the Downtown Diversity Garden (89 Elizabeth St.) at the Jean Lumb Heritage Plaque

DATE : Saturday May 4, 2024

WALK START TIME : 2:00 p.m.

WALK END TIME : 3:30 p.m.

WALK START LOCATION : Downtown Diversity Garden (89 Elizabeth St.), behind City Hall.

Closest subway station: Dundas.

WALK END LOCATION : Chinatown Centre (222 Spadina Ave.)

Closest streetcar station: Spadina and Sullivan.


Toronto Chinatown is one of the most unique neighbourhoods in the city with great cultural heritage significance.

What exists today is thanks to generations of community resilience, preservation and solidarity with diverse groups that have also called this place home.

This walk will travel from Old Chinatown to West Chinatown, unveiling the layers of culture, identity and struggles of the community as they moved towards the west and settled.

Come to share your stories or join us to learn about the history, the present and what can become the future of West Chinatown through the Chinatown Tomorrow Planning Initiative and existing community activism.

LANGUAGE : English


  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Arts and Culture
  • History and Places
  • Lived experiences and personal perspectives
  • People and Communities


  • Breaks encouraged
  • Busy sidewalks
  • Family-friendly walk